About ettely


Hello. We are building a nail wraps brand inspired by hectic everyday life. We believe that nails should be fun, easy, and affordable. 


"Small but certain happiniess"

As an ordinary person, I love nails, I always have. I am always looking at my hands, either consciously or subconsciously, and if i have nice nails, it creates a little moment of zen: they look like an art in front of me. It just gives me happiness. 




A simple trip to the nail salon inspired us to create ettely. We felt there was something missing with nail industry. In our everyday life, nails are part of our daily look. It means more than just treatment. Like most of you, something I always had a problem with is going to a nail salon and not getting a good guaranteed treatment. I was sick of searching for nail salons only to find a good nail salon that fits to me. And for fancy design nails we want to get were usually out of budget. As we experienced many nail salons, we realized that we wanted to create affordable nail pieces for the people who love nails. 








ettely will change the way how you dress up your nails.

Nails are part of our daily look. It means more that just treatment. That's where we come in. We make affordable nail pieces for everyone.